Our Partners


Vanmark has been designing food processing equipment since 1984. Best known for its peelers, Vanmark also makes machinery to store, wash, inspect and fry a variety of food products.


TEMKE is a raisin processing and packing machine manufacturer

TOMRA Sorting Solutions

A globally preferred supplier for the food market’s sensor based sorting, peeling and analytical needs.


MEYER Industries offers solutions in bulk material handling and food processing equipment.
TEMKE is a raisin processing and packing machine manufacturer

FAM Cutting Machines

FAM Cutting Machines with over 3000 machines in operations worldwide and 5 decades of experience specialise in reducing production costs and increasing productivity.

World class application development solutions for the food processing industry

We specialise in providing end to end solutions for the food processing industry through effective business alliances with industry majors worldwide. This in turn translates for our customers in cost effective projects, tailor-made for the Indian industry meeting challenges of capacity and flexibility.

Turning big ideas into great products.

We design, integrate, implement, improvise and provide support for a wide array of food processing applications. All in a seamless delivery model. Enabling you to deliver. Our business idea stemmed from the immense scope in working with application development, given the inconsistency in output of agricultural produce in India. One on hand, the rising retail revolution in India buoyed the Indian processed food industry and on the other was a challenge of addressing the need with consistent quality and output.

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